Buying aluminum means more than just aluminum cans!

We buy more than aluminum cans!

How much do you pay for aluminum?  A question customers often call to ask.  aluminum

There are many different types of aluminum, and in order to pay our customers as much as we can, we purchase aluminum scrap metal by category. Following is a list from highest value to lowest.  

  1. Clean aluminum is any type of aluminum that does not have attachments of any kind, no steel, wood, fiberglass, or glass.  
  2. Painted siding is the second category of aluminum.  Painted siding has no steel rivets or screws.
  3. Old cast aluminum is a casting without any steel.  You can tell it is a casting because of a speckled look where its broken. Another way to tell is because it has the appearance of a molded shape.  If there is steel attached to the item, it becomes aluminum breakage.  
  4. Old Sheet aluminum is old used aluminum.  Common examples are aluminum lawn chairs, walkers, and used crutches.  Window or door frames with some steel rivets, steel screws or staples are also old sheet.  
  5. Aluminum breakage is an item that is 40% or more by weight of aluminum.  The remaining 60% or less of the weight is usually steel, and could also include wood or other nonmetal material.
  6. Aluminum cans are in a class by themselves.  Aluminum cans should not be mixed with anything else.  Sometimes we find steel cans mixed in. You can easily push in the side of an aluminum can.  A steel can is not as easy to push in.  If you have a magnet, you can also check that way.  

It is also important to keep aluminum foil separate from your aluminum cans.  Please keep your plastic bottles and other nonmetal materials separate and put those in your home recycling container.  By recycling your aluminum, you are doing good for our environment and you will be making yourself money!  Please feel to call or email us with any questions.  Thank you!

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